Financial Aid Office


I am eligible for Federal Work Study. How do I apply for a Federal Work Study job?

Follow these easy steps

I am not eligible for Federal Work Study, but I would like to find a part time on campus job.

The Office of Student Employment is here to help! Search for an on campus position by logging into MountaineerTRAK using your MIX user name and password. Click here for further instructions

What is payroll processing?

Every student must be processed for WVU payroll before a start date can be set for the job you have applied for and been offered. There are two methods you can choose for payroll processing.

IN PERSON ON CAMPUS A student must bring required identification documents to campus to complete employee payroll processing in person with WVU Payroll and Employee Processing Services. Certain original documents are required to establish both identity and employment authorization. A banking document is also required to establish direct deposit of the student’s paycheck. Details and a list of acceptable documents may be found here.

REMOTE PROCESSING FROM HOME Students who are not able to process for payroll in person may complete the payroll process remotely from home before arriving to campus.Forms can be found here.

International Students have a different process for payroll. Details may be found here.

WVU Payroll runs twice a month in arrears. For example if you work the first two weeks of August you will receive that pay on August 31. View payroll schedule.

I would prefer to work off campus, can the Office of Student Employment help?

Absolutely! We work closely with the community to develop part time jobs for WVU students. There are many different types of job opportunities for students in town and in the surrounding areas. These can also be found by logging into MountaineerTRAK and utilizing the job search tool.