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I'm Eligible - Now What?

Federal Work Study positions for the upcoming academic year become available for application beginning May 1 each year.

Infographic on steps to locate a Federal Work Study Job - Alt steps for infographic listed below

 After accepting work study on STAR:
  1. Log into MountaineerTRAK located on the home page. For instructions visit Getting Started;
  2. Upload a document of your availability (days and hours you are available to work) to your MountaineerTRAK profile;
  3. Upload your resume to your MountaineerTRAK profile;
    1. Don’t forget to include any community service or high school jobs (such as babysitting, lawn care etc).
    2. If you need help creating a resume, contact Career Services at 304-293-2221.
    3. For resumes templates visit the Career Services Center website. 
  4. Apply for up to three FWS jobs (make your selection from FWS jobs only).
    1. The hiring supervisor for the job(s) you apply for will review the information you submit through MountaineerTRAK and contact you, generally within 2 to 3 weeks after you apply asking for an interview or offering you the position.
    2. You will be assigned to the first supervisor who hires you for a position you have applied for.
    3. If you are not hired for the positions or do not receive a response after a few weeks, log into MountaineerTRAK and apply for more jobs!
  5. Monitor your student MIX email. Once you are hired, you will receive a notification through your MIX email providing specific details on your position.
  6. Process for payroll.
    1. Keyser Campus Students: See "What to Bring for Payroll Processing" on the Keyser Employment Program website for details on what you need to bring to Keyser to process for payroll.